I find a wide variety of things interesting and/or useful on the web. These are just some of them.

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what is it


This is the go-to community for beginners in male fashion. Their FAQ guides are extremely helpful. The fashion here tends to be more of the casual-professional side, with a healthy dose of urban fashionwear. 


Not mentioning whatever stigmas 4chan has, I’ve found the /fa/ community to be a great resource for anyone interested in more urban fashion. High end designers are greatly favored here (such as Rick Owens). Their FAQ is straightforward. 


Joe does an amazing job with Dappered. With daily posts ranging from style advice to killer deals, this is a must add for your bookmarks. I find this perfect for those looking to dress business-casual.


hacker news

An indispensable community if you’re interested in the more technical side of tech. Incredibly smart people discussing equally (usually) smart topics.  


An excellent resource for programmers both beginner and experienced. Be sure to check out other related subreddits from their sidebar. 

coders grid

Great collection of links and articles related to mostly front end development. 

Tech & Gadgets

the verge

My go to site for tech news. Their longform work is also deserving of your time.


Essentially the entire (great) team from AllThings D moved over to a separate site at the turn of the year. An excellent resource for reliable news and reviews.


Want to read the most in-depth reviews on products? Look no further. 



Think Yahoo! Answers but more…serious. You can find some discussions on very interesting questions. You do need to sign up though. 


One of the best collections of reading (both fiction and non-fiction articles) material for your Pocket. 

Ask Metafilter

A great loyal community whose quality is in part kept high with a pay-for-membership model. Browse through the top questions for some great discussions. 


Leo Laporte is  great to listen to and his guests help keep the discussions fun and lively. My favorite podcasts include “This Week in Tech” and “Windows Weekly” 

How to do Everything (NPR)

How do you order water at a restaurant without looking like an idiot? One part educational, one part humor.

Radiolab (NPR)

Radiolab has a huge fanbase and it’s not without reason. They do a great job of keeping your attention with engrossing topics and amazing audio work.  

all songs considered (NPR)

NPR’s music podcast can be a hit or a miss depending on your taste (less mainstream, more discovery based)  in music but be sure to give it try.